Art and Design come together to create a timeless work of art

The spotlight is on the exclusive evening event at the headquarters of Bellini Nautica, where a one-of-a-kind creation is presented in preview. The fusion of art and design, united by aesthetic taste and attention to detail, prestigious finishes and excellent performance. The protagonist is an iconic Riva Aquarama reinterpreted by the style of the French artist who, through the interplay of light and shadow, light and dark, creates a rhythm that transports the guest into a serene reality, where the balance of the repetition of millions of dots prevails.

The artwork presented is part of the Four Seasons series, a collection of four creations developed on a square surface, each of which depicts a season with flowers and fruits that become interchangeable subjects, expertly mixed. The creations required an impressive 2,000 hours of work, with an average of 500/600 for each one.

The artistic project will be exhibited at the Bellini Nautica shipyard and will be freely accessible on Saturday, June 10th and Sunday, June 11th, at Via largo del Lavoro in Clusane d'Iseo (BS). This will be an opportunity to showcase, in addition to a series of works created to celebrate the collaboration with Bellini Nautica, a genuine tribute to craftsmanship and to what was created by humans in ancient times, when extreme dedication and great skills were required.

Bellini Nautica

Three generations carrying on Bellini Nautica, with progress, passion, and tradition.

Since 1960, Bellini Nautica has been a leader in the restoration of vintage Riva boats. Representing the most important Italian nautical brands, Bellini has become the reference point for enthusiasts all over the world. The Bellini Vintage Riva collection is currently the most complete collection, preserving and transmitting the excellence of Italian boats worldwide.

Xavier Ange Casalta

Xavier Ange Casalta is a French artist, born on July 9th, 1992 in Digne les Bains. After one year of studying MANAA and a BTS in Visual Communication, he started his career at the age of 20 as a graphic designer-illustrator.

His initial interest was typography and he produced numerous lettering designs, including a project on the alphabet. His interest then shifted to art in the broader sense, with a particular focus on still life and architecture. His attention to architecture began during a collaboration with the fashion house Dior. More recently, he has developed a passion for a new subject of representation, Antiquity.

The artist uses the technique of stippling and works exclusively with ink on paper. His works are composed of millions of small dots and can reach over 10 million dots for larger formats. He is very interested in skills such as engraving, sculpture, and architecture.

His passion for ancient coins can be perceived in his works, he really wants to transcribe his passions through art.